3000mg – 30 ml BOTTLE


100% Natural

One of the most popular of our oils, this is a mid-range (3000mg) oil, suitable for most users. Being mid-strength, the user has more control over their own individual dosage needs, without the worry of taking a higher strength than may be needed at a particular time.

As with all our oils, this has been sourced through our UK Pharmacist to ensure purity and correctly claimed strength.

PRICE: £ 12.50


Whilst it cannot be denied that Chinese medicine is probably the oldest in the world and that there are, without doubt, many genuine products, the Chinese, and other eastern country members, are also masters at copying goods and packaging.

These goods are often sold online, through auction websites, at very low cost and the finance raised is often used to finance other scams and crime.

One of the prolific oils being sold in such a manner is:


This is being sold on certain sites for as little as £ 4.50 per bottle INCLUDING POSTAGE!!!

Of course, it is impossible to buy genuine oil at this price, Our U.K. Pharmacist, who buys DIRECT from the manufacturer, pays over double this price and then pays V.A.T. on it entering the country!

There have been horror stories reported about cheap Hemp/CBD oils being sold, one of them being that a market trader’s stand was visited by Trading Standard Officers who seized a large quantity of Aliver Oil. When analysed it was found to be nothing more than a mixture of Caster Oil and Peppermint Oil !!!!

The moral of the story is BEWARE from where you buy your Hemp/CBD oils and NEVER buy from Eastern Block Countries especially.